• Mrs Helen Carey- History and English

  • Ms Jennifer Law - English

Curriculum Overview - Easter to June

S1 will develop skills for Reading and Writing using the text of 'Kidnapped' by Robert Louis Stevenson. hey will explore character, theme and setting.

Later in the term, skills for Talking will be the focus. Pupils will research and prepare a Solo Talk for a class audience.


S2 will take part in the @inspiring Purpose' project which includes a range of literacy activities and a poster competition. Pupils think about their character and the future as well as their place in the world. Learning through looking at character attributes in fiction and researching inspirational individuals of today are key activities.

They will prepare a Solo Talk on their choice of inspirational person.


S3 will work on 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare. Group and class activities will develop skills in the analysis of Drama texts and in understanding features of the genre.