Art and Design

  • Ms Lynne Girdwood - Art

  • Mrs Alison McAlpine - Art

Curriculum Overview - Easter to June



COLOUR/ARTIST JOINER PAINTING - Small individual sections of a famous painting in the style of the artist, put together into a whole class painting.


LOGO DESIGN - Creating an eye catching personal logo based on individual initials and hobbies, to be shown on a range of products.


INTRODUCTION TO PRINTMAKING - Block printing with polytile and another form of printing e.g. monoprinting or intaglio.


ARTIST STYLE - Looking at Art through the eyes of a famous artist and understanding their methods.







STILL LIFE/ABSTRACTION - Looking at shape and colour through still life using viewfinders and using these studies to form a series of abstracts.


PHOTOGRAPHY - Out and about taking photographs for the Parent Council Calendar project.




PORTAITURE - Proportion and technique in portraiture.


THE BIG PITCH - Creating a product from scratch, naming, graphic design, layout and marketing, then selling it to the client.