• Mr Chris McPake - Principal Teacher - Mathematics & Science

  • Mrs Helen Steele - Depute Head Teacher - Mathematics

  • Mr Robert Grace - Mathematics

  • Dr Amy Romans - Biology and Chemistry

  • Mr Alistair MacLeod - Physics and Chemistry

Curriculum Overview - Easter to June

S1         Fractions, Decimal Fractions and Percentages

            Expressions and Equations

            Data and Analysis & Ideas of Chance and Uncertainty        


S2         Money

            Patterns and Relationships


S3         N4 - Rotational Symmetry

            N4 - Collecting Data, Averages and Range, Pie Charts, Probability

            N5-Revising for Unit assessment

            N5-Straight Line Graphs


S4         Exam Revision for N5

            Completing Unit assessments for N4


S5/6     Exam Revision for N5, Higher, AH

            Completing Unit assessments for N4