Student Voice

This is Week 2

Tarbet Castle

Welcome one and all to this page dedicated to the student’s opinions and ideas. On here we shall give regular updates for the Student Voice meetings and feedback on your suggestions. We have a regular meeting every Thursday lunchtime.

Update on Heating

There is hope for the heating! The council is going to gift us with a biomass boiler which we will have greater control over, allowing use to more effectively heat the school. It probably won’t be put in until later on this year, so sadly we will have to sit out the rest of this winter.

Old Pre-five Area

Due to the movement of the pre-five unit, the secondary have been gifted with the outside area by the lockers! We are hoping to put in some seating and to possibly decorate it. We may have a fundraising event for it in the future especially if we can get some idea of what people want there.

Sports Relief

We are planning to have some sports themed events to raise money for sports relief, a charity which operates in Britain and worldwide helping people with mental and providing vaccinations. Anyone who has any ideas for how we should go about this please come and tell us or stick it in the suggestion box.

Summer Rewards

Here are some of the ideas for the Summer Rewards this year:

  • Ice Skating - portable ice rink that can come to the school.
  • Bubble Football - This is also willing to come to the school.
  • Stramash - variety of activates like canoeing, archery etc.
  • High Wires - swinging through the trees on zip wires and other activates involving heights.
  • Roller Blade Disco - An alternative disco in Glasgow
  • Go karting - fast passed activity using go karts
  • Airspace - An activity using giant trampolines!

Any more suggestions? Talk to a student council member or put a note in the suggestion box.


Policy Updates:

Forest in Montenegro

Here will be all the updates on your suggestions!:

  • Sadly mobile phones are not allowed in the social area as this is against council policy :(
  • However phones a tablets/iPad can be used for educational purposes in class, as long permission from the teacher is given first. After all they are powerful computers in themselves!
  • The outside area which used to be part of the nursery has now been given to use! We would love some suggestions for what to put there e.g. seating, outdoor football table etc.
  • Ongoing dissuasions are being made about heating although it is difficult as the central control for it in Dunoon!
  • It has been suggested that a fixed price should be set for the summer rewards, instead of having a range of prices. Any feedback on this idea would be appreciated.

School Politics

In the student voice we have recently been discus the idea of having a new way of disusing school polices, which will provoke more interaction and give a more accurate representation of what people want. It involves having a suggestion box (like the one at present) where people can put changes to school polices, suggestions for activates/ fundraising events and other ideas or concerns. Then we can draw up a list of these ideas and put them up on the house boards. Each house can have a select room where one a week a break time students and teachers can go to vote on the polices (whether they want it or don't want it) or put in suggestions. This can also be a time for pupils and teachers to discuss how they feel about issues in the school and some wider issues on the community and national scale.

This is very much just a work in progress and any suggestions on how to improve it and make it more effective would be much appreciated.


Useful Links

Here are some useful websites for helping with learning;


Harris Academy - Gives useful resources for chemistry, such as past paper questions.

Molecular Model Kit - Online tool that helps visualize molecules and gives detailed information about its properties


Higher Fizzics - Website with all the old higher past papers for Higher Physics and also has some good educational videos


NQ Music - Contains all the concepts for music from National 4 to Higher. Also has some online quizzes to test your knowledge. And here are some interesting, bizarre and generally weird websites for you to explore:

And here are some bizarre and fascinating websites for you to explore:

Library of Babel – An online library which contains every possible arrangement of 3200 characters, thus containing every possible page ever. Don't believe me? Well look on it to find out.

Phet Simulations - Interesting science simulations, like models of a hydrogen atom and a solar system modeler. They are very useful for visualizing a variety of concepts.

Scale of the Universe - Puts things into perspective, literally! Shows everything from people to planets down to the size of pictometers.

If anyone has any more websites they think should be on here please talk to Peter Tyler (school captain) or a member of the student voice.

Earth from Space
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