Early Level

In our happy, nurturing environment we aim to give every child a positive introduction to learning.   Activities and experiences are designed with the individual in mind so that they will move through the  system and become successful, independent, effective and confident in whatever they choose to do in life.

Maureen Casci

Fiona McTaggart

Fiona and Maureen work with the children to create an atmosphere in which parents and carers, teachers and those in the wider community can co-operate to make exploring, discovering, creating and developing skills as enjoyable and interesting as possible.

The children help shape their curriculum and are given opportunities to develop sound values of fairness, equality, honesty and kindness.

All children will be helped to make the most of their opportunities to become the best they can be and learn the importance of co-operation skills.

Parents are invited to build on what the chidren learn. eg. by practising the song of the week.

See this week's learning intentions.