School Meals


All of our school meal menus are compliant with the Nutritional Requirements for Food and Drink in Schools (Scotland) Regulations 2008. You can be assured that all school meal menus are nutritionally balanced and meet the required standards.

The menu meets the standard required by the Soil Association Catering Mark Bronze Award, which promotes freshly made, sustainable and farm assured meals.

All Catering staff are trained in food hygiene, hold an Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate, and receive regular refresher training. All kitchens follow HACCP guidance, and comply with Environmental Health. The catering staff are also trained in nutrition.

Water is available, and milk is available to purchase at 10p for 200ml. All beef served is Scottish, and all fish is Marine Stewardship Council certified. All meat and poultry is UK Farm Assured. Where possible, haggis is UK Farm Assured. All eggs are free range.  Bread, seasonal vegetables and a salad selection is available every day, as well as a selection of fresh fruit. Yoghurt is always available as an alternative dessert.

Allergy Advice and Special Diets

The allergy information for our Primary school menu is available in each school kitchen, or by following the links for each week of the menu on Argyll and Bute Councils website   You can find out the allergens contained in every dish, and by clicking on the links for each meal you can also find out the recipe used, full ingredients and nutritional information.

If your child has a food allergy, please contact the school office in the first instance so that any necessary arrangements can be put in place. All Catering Managers have been trained on Allergy Awareness.

A vegetarian meal option is available every day, and many dishes can be altered to accommodate other special diets where this is required.  Where possible, other non-medical special diets may be accommodated.