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Welcome back 2019/20 session

We have settled back into the new session now - I am looking forward to another good year.We have a probationary teacher in P3/4 this year – a very warm welcome to Tarbert Academy and the teaching profession to Mrs DerevyankinMrs Carey returns from her maternity leave in September and Mrs Steele returns from her maternity leave in February.In the meantime, Ms Law is acting up as Depute Head for Mrs Steele and also covering Mrs Carey’s faculty head duties until she returns.Mr Powell has joined us again (welcome back Andy) to cover for Ms Law as acting PT Guidance.We had another good set of S

Annual Survey

It is time for our annual survey: Parents can complete the survey at  Partner Agencies please use  Staff please use  Pupils will complete theirs in school  If you have completed the survey, thanks very much - your views are important to us and we will consider them all when preparing next year's Improvement Plan

Vision Values and Aims

It has been a while since we came up with our VV&A - our pupils, staff and parents came up with our current VV&A (which I have pasted at the bottom of the post) several years ago and it now time to have another look at them and make sure that all of our current parents, pupils and staff have ownership of them.

I have set up a VV&A committee consisting of 9 members of teaching and non teaching staff and will be inviting parents and pupils to join us - we plan to have a new set of VV&A in place for the start of next session.

Welcome back

We have settled back into the new session now - I am looking forward to another good year.

We have 3 new teachers this year - Mrs Hardman (PT Early Level), Ms Glen (Biology) and Ms MacLean (Business Studies) - a very warm welcome to them all.

We had another good set of SQA exam results this year with Higher and N5 pass rates above the national and authority average.

There were, as usual, some excellent individual performances with a couple of pupils passing 5 Highers with one of them getting a very impressive 3 A grades.

Argyll & Bute Awards

We had a good trip to the A&B awards in Helensburgh last night.

It was great to see the pupils (and Ms James) dressed to impress – it was a glittering occasion.

Unfortunately our group didn’t win their category but they did extremely well to get through to the final.

Emma Clark, Beth Atkinson and Gaia Silven were joined by Emma Kok and Rhianna Cash

We shook a collection bucket on the way out and managed to collect an impressive £93.43 for the Nancy Glen appeal

Useful SQA info

If you are new to the Scottish qualifications system it might seem a bit confusing.

SQA have developed a very useful 'Guide to Scottish Qualifications' booklet to help everyone understand how qualifications fit together.

The guide is available on the SQA website at in PDF format

Staffing update

There have been a few staff changes this year - the following is a summary of recent changes

P1 - Mrs Rennie is moving on - She starts her new post as Principal Teacher in Inveraray Primary School on 6th November
Ms Kilgour has been appointed as the new P1 teacher and will start on 6th November

P2/3 - Mr Macleod has already moved on to a new post outwith Argyll & Bute and Ms Duff has been appointed as the new P2/3 teacher and will start on 6th November

P6/7 - Mrs McCulloch has been appointed as acting Principal Teacher

SQA results 2017

Well, it has been a while since I last blogged!

Some good news to start with though - we were very pleased with our 2017 SQA results - the following is a summary:

Some excellent individual performances as usual:

One S6 pupil passing 3 Advanced Highers + 1 Higher.

Four S5 pupils passing 5 Highers in one sitting and one of them achieving an outstanding 5 A grades.

Four S4 pupils passing 9 National 5s.

N4 pass rate is 100% again (National rate 93%)

N5 pass rate (A-C) is 89% (National rate 80%)

Christmas Concert

Many thanks to all parents, staff and other members of the community for joining us at our Christmas Concert on the 14th December.

It was good to be back in the church – the evening had a lovely community feel to it.

It was great to see our pupils showing off their talents and skills – I am very proud of them all.

Many thanks to all those who worked hard to make this happen again this year – I really appreciate the effort and time put into this by everyone involved.

Thanks very much to Rev Carruthers for being our minister for the evening.

Good Luck to Tarbert Academy Early Level Class

The link below will take you to info about the project in our Early Level class which is in the final of the national Quality Improvement Awards

I am very proud of our Early Level team - even getting to the final was a great achievement and I am sure everyone will join me in wishing them luck